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The 2nd G&G European Distributors Conference successfully held in Holland


On May 6th, Inspire Innovation & the 2nd G&G European Distributors Conference was successfully held in Holland, a romantic country that attracts thousands of visitors with its beautiful tulips scenery everywhere. In such a lovely day, 23 distributors, about 40 customers and some guests from more than 20 European countries were invited to join our event.

This conference was held to thanks for the support and hardworking of European distributors. The data shows that G&G business in Europe had a great growth during last year. It’s an amazing achievement for G&G especially under the global economic recession.

Linda Fan, EU Sales Director of Ninestar, truly thanked the presented distributors and customers for their support, analyzing industry trend and stressed that innovation is the most important point for a company who wants to share more market. Oleg Zhao, the manager of Seine Holland, gave a speech about G&G brand development Plan which making the development direction clearly from several aspects’ innovation: Continuous product innovation and technology innovation, Business model innovation, Brand image innovation, Advertising model innovation and Cooperation model innovation. His talking helped the customers to know their future more certainly and confidently. Managing Director of SCC Europe, Ken Lalley highlighted that good quality is the key to increase brand value during his speech. Josh Braendle, business development manager of SCC USA, introduced about MPS,a new trend of the industry. Both speeches inspired the audiences how to learn the industry and develop powerful competitiveness from different angles.

The conference also invited managing partner from DCTCHMARQ, Paul Hassels Mönning, a professional trainer of E-commerce, to share his expert insight and experience. After his speech, the workshop began. All customers joined the discussion and expressed their insight of the questions which is showed in the screen. The knowledge of Paul’s speech was fully used in the workshop. It was a good try, all customers expressed what they learned from the speech and workshop was useful and helpful for their business.

According to the tradition of G&G distributors’ conference, special awards and encouragements were given to distributors who had outstanding performance in sales or brand promotion in last year. A Greece distributor won a real gold as the reward of the Annual Outstanding Contribution Gold Award. The distributor from France and Italy obtained Annual Outstanding Contribution Silver Award, getting real silvers separately as the prize. As for distributors from Spain, Russian and Germany, they won The Best Growth Award because of their outstanding progress.


One of the distributors said, “I love this Conference! Firstly, useful information is shared by experienced people. I did know more about the printing industry through their speeches and discussions. Secondly, it’s a good opportunity to talk with other distributors and learn more about industry trend. Finally, what is surprised me was the award and lucky draw section. That’s really funny and I really like it. Thanks G&G for holding such an excellent event!”


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