Brand Story

G&G,which means good products and good printing. The united double G icon shows the combination of promise both on keeping quality pursuit with passion and continuous investment on technology innovation. Looked like a pair of tightly holding hands, symbolizes the trust and rely on each other with all G&G members.

The Emperor Penguin

We hope to remind people of caring the environment. Therefore, G&G has made penguins. The spirit of Penguins: Courageous, Passionate, Elegant, Eco-Friendly, United


Work for the best image. True Grit with True Courage, similar like the spirit of Emperor penguins, be fearless of any challenge and front face all severe competitive environment and find the solution with wisdom, courage and passion as always.

The Packaging

We put the elegant Grit emperor penguins in our packaging, In order to protect all G&G partners’ rights, we have registered all product packaging already, such as in Europe, we got the registration certification from EUIPO.




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