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Korean CPO Says G&G Provides OEM-Like Quality for Healthcare Industry


Soon after receiving the feedback from its Chief Printing Officer (CPO) in Germany, G&G got new feedback this month from Jesaeng Hospital, the famous medical center in South Korea that awarded the CPO project of G&G on 26th, Aug. Those feedback from hospital users demonstrated the performance of G&G’s print consumables is comparable to OEM’s, enabling its availability in healthcare industry.
In Jesaeng Hospital, G&G’s replacement cartridges for use in Canon LBP6003(CRG325) and HP LaserJet P-2035(CE505A) were applied in printing medical reports regarding diagnosis and treatment. By delivering smooth printing experience and excellent printouts, those products provided convenience for both doctors and patients in the process of treatment.

Customers in industry like healthcare are apt to choose genuine cartridge because of its superior quality. Accordingly, they have had a strict standard in evaluating how the consumables perform. Given this fact, our consumables that obtained 8 or 9 out of 10 from the hospital users are proven performing well when compared to the OEMs’ products they used before. And one thing you should note is G&G’s ability to offer cost-effective printing solutions, which are more affordable for users.

With OEM-like quality and competitive value, G&G has the confidence in serving high-value channels such as healthcare, and exploring more availability in those channels.

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