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Inkjet Printing: From Boom to Bust and Back Again


By Jarek Yang, Senior Product Manager, Ninestar

From ancient China’s movable type printing and 1950s’ modern inkjet printer prototype to 1970s’ rapid development of inkjet printing, we can see that inkjet printing was booming. 2008 was a turning point for the inkjet printing industry due to the global financial crisis. After experiencing a sharp downturn, the inkjet printing industry seemed to be withering away. However, as printing technology continues to improve, inkjet printing is entering a new age. The improvement of manufacturing capacity allows the print head to print larger; and the increase of inkjet printing speed makes it possible to compete with laser printing. For the well-known printer manufacturer Epson, breaking through the technology bottleneck means a new profitable market. Let’s take a look at the developing trend of OEMs’ business inkjet printers.

From above chart we can see that the business inkjet printing market is thriving. Different OEMs joined this battlefield at different times.  

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From the figures shown above we can see that the total inkjet cartridge revenue is increasing from 2013 to 2020. The consumer inkjet cartridge revenue is decreasing while business inkjet cartridge revenue is on the rise. From the component of 2016 worldwide office printing revenue, we can see that cartridges take up 58% of it. It’s expected that there’s space for business inkjet printing to grow.


For business office users, what are they looking for? These are my thoughts:
1.    Rapid and efficient printing. Most OEMs have solved this problem with the improvement of printing technology. However, to perfectly solve this problem and satisfy office users’ printing demands, the ink used in business inkjet printers should be fast-drying.  

2.    Coffee, water and other such liquids are often seen in the office. To preserve office documentation, the ink used in business inkjet printers should be water proof.

3.    For both end users and channel users, reducing maintenance is an important way to save cost. This means the ink used in business inkjet printers should be reliable and stable.

4.    Business and office users require the preservation of office documentation. The ink used in business inkjet printers should help preserve office documentation. 


As we know, PageWide printing technology is an emerging technology. This new technology has a higher requirement of product structure and ink formula which means the old ink system doesn’t match the new technology. How is this problem solved? With over 17 years’ of professional ink developing experience, Ninestar offers a professional ink solution for business and office users—Everbrite Office.

1.    High quality ink formula ensures reliable printing without clogging and provides virtually maintenance-free operation. 

2.    Water resistant and scratch resistant features help preserve office documentation.

3.    Fadeless for 100 years under normal atmospheric conditions.

4.    Brilliant color performance to satisfy your many printing demands


For more information related to Everbrite Office, please contact us.



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